Wellness on the Veluwe

Wellness Hotel de Sterrenberg has vast wellness facilities. Our wellness holds a Finnish sauna, Turkish steam-room, wellness-pool with jets and streams and a Tepidarium. The wellness is only accessible for adults and is an undressed area. Make use of our round day water and tea- service. We serve salades and smoothies in the wellness.

Next to our vast wellness the hotel has an indoor swimming-pool (12m x 5,5m) and a professional fitnessroom.

Usage of our swimming-pool and fitness is included in you hotel stay. If you book with us directly wellness access will also be included.

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Enjoy our warm wellness-pool.

This wellness-pool is heated to 32,5 degrees C. Enjoy the jets on the submerged; double bed, the 4 person bench and 3 standing positions.

Because of the warm water temperature the pool is ideal for relaxation without getting cold.

Finnish Sauna

In our wellness we have a spacious Finnish sauna.

The sauna is heated till 80 degrees C, an enjoyable temperature for everybody.

Take place on the lower bench for a slightly lower temperature. When you take place on the higher bench you will enjoy a slightly higher temperature.

About saunas

A sauna originates from a Finnish room in which there is a dry and warm temperature. On average a temperature between 70 and 100 degrees C.

For thousands of years humankind have enjoyed the sauna. In Finland special cabins were build and were heated by stones. These stones were heated by a wood fire. This ensures a evenly distributed heat.

Nowadays the sauna is well known round the world and used for wellness purposes.

In a sauna the core temperature can raise till 39 degrees C. The body will respond by sweating. Because of that blood pressure will decrease and will slow down vein calcification.

Next to the positive effect on the blood vessels a sauna has a positive influence on the metabolism, respiration and relaxation of muscle tissue.

Turkish Steam-bath

The wellness of Hotel de Sterrenberg holds a modern Turkish steam-bath.

With a relative humidity of around 98% and a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees C relaxation is eminent.

About steam-baths:

The use of a Turkish steam-bath has been popular for at least 800 years. According to the Romans the high relative humidity would have a cleansing effect on the body.

A Turkish Steam-bath holds a relative humidity of around 98% and a temperature of around 45 degrees C. The body is heated, that triggers transpiration. Due to the layer of water in the body the skin gets cleansed. Therefor toxins are transpired out of the body.

The warmth in the steam-bath has a positive influence on blood and lymph circulation.

A refreshing cold shower after use enhances the positive effects the steam-bath has on the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.


Make sure to visit our tepidarium when you visit our wellness.

In the tepidarium you are heater by the three double “laconium” beds. These are heated to a comfortable temperature. Use the tepidarium to relax the muscles and trigger transpiration.

About Tepidarium and Laconium beds:

De ancient Romans were users of the tepidarium in their bathhouses. Nowadays we use the tepidarium to put less strain on the body than when using a sauna.

Because of the usage of the lacunium beds, the body is heated in a natural way; by contact heat. The radiated heat is experienced as particularly pleasant.

A visit to the tepidarium with laconium beds has the best result when used for more than 30 minutes.

Swimming pool

Just outside our professional wellness, we have a swimming-pool that is open to all our guests.

Do you want to swim laps? Than this is the pool for you!

The swimming pool is heated to 29,5 degrees C and its dimensions of 12 x 5,5 meters makes it perfect for swimming laps.


In our fitnessroom you can find; a crosstrainer, rowing machine, an ergo- and home trainer and a stepper of Life-Fitness. In our “strength-corner” you will find dumbbells, benches and mats.

Naturally you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities next to our indoor “Gym”. Take on a jog, go mountain biking,  or strap on some skates. If you need there are local instructors that know the area at your disposal.

We rent out comfortable bicycles with gears with and without electrical support functions.

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